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When you make this recipe make sure you have lots of friends around to share it with. Really. Because if you are left alone with it, well, you know where I’m going with this people…it’s just not advisable, for your love handle’s sake….

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Strawberry jam 1

Homemade Strawberry Jam

There is nothing like delicious homemade jam!!! It sounds so difficult, but in fact, jam is not that complicated to make. Remember that good jam is cooked quickly over medium to high heat. I like to add a pinch of cinnamon to my pot to give my jam that extra special something. If you fail…

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Shortbread cookies

Homemade Shortbread

Nothing beats this traditional, buttery biscuit when it melts in your mouth with every bite that you take! It is a classic! You can purchase the Christmas gift labels from our shop, SunshineParties, HERE Ingredients: 225g corn flour (8 oz) 225g flour (8 oz) 110g castor sugar (4 oz) 250g soft butter (9 oz) Method:…

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Santas Cookies

Santa’s Cookies

Here is an oldie I found in the back of my recipe book! My granny’s out-of-this-world biscuit recipe that she use to make during Christmas time!! This is a top secret family recipe….. You are welcome! To purchase these super cute Santa’s Cookies jar labels, click HERE Ingredients: 4 cups flour 1 tsp baking powder 1/2…

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Rosemary Infused Olive Oil-7594

Rosemary Infused Olive Oil

This easy rosemary infused olive oil can even make a fried egg taste special. Everyone who loves to cook, loves a nice bottle of olive oil! It can also make a great hostess gift! You are able to purchase the labels from our shop, SunshineParties, HERE Ingredients: 1 cup olive oil 1 rosemary sprig method: wash the rosemary…

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Lemon and Rosemary Cooking Salt-7613

Lemon & Rosemary Salt

I am always looking for ways to add flavour to my roasts and other dishes. This easy homemade salt is perfect for that Sunday lamb roast or adding flavor to a hearty soup! Enjoy! You can purchase the gift labels from our shop, SunshineParties, HERE Ingredients: 1kg coarse salt 1 lemon – juice and zest 30g rosemary…

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Homemade Chocolate Truffles

These delicious home made truffles are super easy to make and you can make them as simple or fancy as you like. Use your imagination and go wild!! You can purchase the Christmas labels from SunshineParties HERE Ingredients: 560g of dark chocolate (20 oz.) 1 pkt Philadelphia (8 oz.) Cream cheese, softened Method: Melt 224g…

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Biscotti 1

Delicious Biscotti

This delicious Biscotti recipe is very easy to make and a lovely tea time treat. Give it as a gift or share it with friends and family. Another goodie for this Christmas! You can purchase the gift labels from our SunshineParties shop HERE Ingredients: 2 cups cake flour 1 cup castor sugar 1 tsp baking powder…

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Candied Pecans 1

Candied Pecans

Just opening a jar of these and taking a big old smell will remind you of everything Christmas!! Probably the easiest recipe you will ever follow and the end result is to die for. These make amazing gifts if you are willing to share! Just saying…. You can purchase the gift labels from our SunshineParties…

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Basil Pesto Recipe Gift Labels 1

Basil Pesto Recipe

When I think Basil Pesto, I think hot, lazy summer days, glasses of wine with friends, crusty bread and pasta salads! This easy recipe is the perfect addition to days like these. If you would like to make a batch and give it away as a foodie or Christmas gift, you can purchase the gift…

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Banana Bread Gift Labels

Banana Bread Recipe and Gift Labels

Need a quick hostess gift for a Christmas Party? Well this banana bread is not only delicious but it is easy and dare I say nutritious too – it has banana in it and you can add grated carrot or apple too, which I highly recommend! The recipe is yours to keep but if you’d…

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Easy Lemon and Coconut Bars

Delicious and easy. Easy and delicious. Yummy and Yummy. I try and test a lot of recipes – a lot never make it to this blog because they’re just not easy enough or not tasty enough. But this one, ohhhhhhh, you need to make it. Mouth-watering and fuss-free – the two criteria needed to make it…

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